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About Us

The Company

JDM Solutions has been trading since 2006. We are made up of three partners who also do all the work. We each have at least eight years experience in our chosen fields, and our skills vary from product design to low level programming. We are based in Bournemouth, UK but we can provide websites for businesses anywhere in the world.

What Makes Us Different

All members of the company work directly on our products. Because we don't have to carry hundreds of salesmen and admin staff, we can provide our services significantly cheaper than the competition. When you talk to us, you are communicating directly with the designer or programmer.

We are also prepared to share the risk on your project. We will dramatically discount the setup fee of a website in exchange for a small percentage of future profits, usually achieved through a 15% commission on each item sold but sometimes in the form of equity in your company.

Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that less than 10% of all IT projects go live? We have a 100% satisfaction rate from all our previous clients and would be happy to provide references on request. We honestly believe that no other company is as flexible or as good value as ourselves.